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Live Review Corey Feldman Angelic 2 the Core Tour at the Underground Arts in Philly

3 October 2017 No Comment


Corey Feldman
Angelic 2 the Core Tour
7-13-2017 @ the Underground Arts
Philadelphia, PA
Words by Alex Quin

​The first thing I thought about when I arrived at the Underground Arts venue in Philadelphia to see Corey Feldman on his Heavenly US Angelic 2 the Core Tour tour was the crowd. Who were these people that wanted to watch a former 80s teen movie star perform his new music? Were they like me venturing out to see some unique and strange event or were they sincere and there for the music? The crowd seemed diverse enough, there was a conglomerate of young women with a 60s aesthetic that brought to mind the Manson murders, there was an older man with the features of Guy Fieri wearing a GG Allin shirt with his wife, and another person wearing a “The Goonies” shirt.

​The crowd in appearance was no less diverse than any other concert I have attended, but the interest of each attendee was more opaque. Some could be heard discussing Feldman’s famous “Today Show” performance, others could be heard discussing past movies the star had been in. Whatever their interests may have been I was in the same situation as them, waiting to see what could possibly happen at a Corey Feldman concert.

Close to 11pm the lights in the venue went off and the audience was treated to a video montage of all of Corey Feldman’s career highlights; these included movie roles, famous friends, guest appearances, dancing abilities, and his own music catalog. When Feldman took the stage he appeared dressed in Michael Jackson attire and proceeded to dance in his own interpretation of the pop icon throughout the show, even going so far as to cover Jackson’s “Man in The Mirror.”

Feldman went through a number of wardrobe changes which he used as an opportunity to showcase his backup band which consisted of five scantily clad young women in angel costumes, known as Corey’s Angels. There were around sixoutfit changes that consisted of a Rick Ricardo inspired suit, several variants of Michael Jackson outfits, and one leather jacket that, after Feldman told the backstory of, gave the audience the impression that it was the most accomplished thing at the concert.

The music Feldman himself played largely consisted of a mashup of electronic pop mixed with up tempo rock and a few songs that had EDM bass drops thrown in without concern. Whether by design or equipment limitations the sounds of the instruments all blended to one cacophonous noise that made discerning one from another possible only by the changes ofmusic videos in the background. These videos ranged from odd and uninspired music videos created by and starring Feldman to montages of his most famous movies, “License to Drive,” “Dream a Little Dream,” “Rock ‘n’ Roll High School Forever,” and “Stand by Me.” The “Stand by Me” portion of the show may have been the most musical enjoyable as Feldman took a backseat to his Angels as they played a cover of Ben E. King’s classic as a collection of scenes from the movie “Stand by Me” played behind the band.

Feldman for all his lack of natural musical talent did put all his effort in his show going until nearly one in the morning and regularly engaging in the crown. Though the crowd seemed to have halved by the concert’s end those who remained seemed to have enjoyed their experience for whatever reason they may have came for.

Without any musical ability Corey Feldman was able to put on one of the most entertaining shows I have ever been a part of due to sheer strangeness and spectacle of it all. I would recommend going to see this to anyone who wants to see something their likely to never see again, because where else could you see a former 80’s star/teenage mutant ninja turtle dance and sing like Michael Jackson to his own blended electronic music being played by an almost cult like backing band?

Check out tour dates and all things Feldman at coreyfeldman.net

Press Release “Due to selling out venues across the country, legendary showman and pop culture icon Corey Feldman has extended his Heavenly US Angelic Tour schedule by doubling the dates previously announced for the fall. Feldman and his angelic band have entertained audiences with their theatrical and fun performances featuring lasers, lights, costumes, and signature talented all female band of Angels, with a few changes in the lineup as Corey is always trying to give new talent the chance to entertain audiences. Feldman stated, “this company was designed to give as many young female artists a chance to showcase their talents as possible, so I will keep changing the faces a bit.”

In addition to doubling the dates, Corey will be doubling the fun and giving his fans the experience they’ve come to expect with hit songs from his catalog and iconic movies. This time, Corey will also be giving back. Corey and the Angels will be returning to Houston for the second time this year, doing a very special fundraiser for the Hurricane Relief fund. Feldman will also be contributing a portion of his ticket sales to the cause.”


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